Friday, February 5, 2010

Supernatural Spotlight: Jeffrey Justice

Well over a year has passed since my last post highlighting someone in the paranormal field. And it was my intention to write about Jeffrey over 4 months ago, but as they say better late than never. In the past year, I have come to know him as a good friend and fascinating individual, regardless of his various talents. But as with everyone I've written about on this blog, whether I know them personally or not, I do my best to set aside any personal bias I may have and give those I deem worthy of some praise a bit of the limelight.

Honestly, I have known several dozen psychics and mediums in my life and they have run the gambit between truly talented and complete frauds. From my own experience, Jeffrey Justice falls into the former category. A Massachusetts native and direct descendant of those disturbing people called the Puritans who landed off Cape Cod nearly 400 years ago, Jeffrey comes from a long lineage of people with some form of psychic ability. While his parents wished for him to have a normal life and avoided discussing any strange experiences he encountered as a child, his grandmother helped him better understand the nature of what people often describe as "the gift."

Although he has received some press coverage for his talents as a medium, Jeffrey is widely unknown outside his native New England. Yet perhaps that is as he would prefer it to be. Although mediumship is his profession and full-time business, he doesn't wish to find fame and fortune in his supernatural abilities. He does offer his services as a medium, tarot reader, channeler, numerologist, and much more to the public and can be found at certain events in and around Salem (founded by his ancestor Roger Conant), yet doesn't wish to spend his entire life being "The Mayflower Medium", as he is often dubbed. His greatest ambition is pursuing a literary career... and perhaps living in a warmer climate.

Wherever his life may take him, there is no doubt that the paranormal will always haunt him. It's difficult to entirely turn your back on the supernatural once it's in your blood. But at least for now, people from New England and beyond can contact him and explore his talents of the metaphysical variety. Whether or not you choose to believe in psi abilities or the ability of a living individual to contact the dead, Jeffrey is a fascinating individual and worthy of a bit of praise and notice.

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