Friday, July 22, 2005

Changing Winds

Another exciting day in my world...

Well, next week's investigation is shaping up nicely. I have 2 people confirmed: well-known psychic Anne Miller and her daughter Brenda. I'm waiting to hear back from a few others who want to go, but have to check their schedules. This could very well become the most exciting investigation I've had thus far. And with the added benefit of having the press there, I'm pleased as punch!!

Tonight's another movie night. My friend Bill, his boyfriend Shawn, and I are going to see "War of the Worlds". I'll give Tom Cruise the benefit of a doubt on this one. LOL I'm going to see my boyfriend this weekend (spending some time in the park.. outdoors? Did he actually suggest that?? Who is he and what has he done with my boyfriend??? lol), then it's back to work as usual for me. So many projects going on now!!!! But it's good to be busy. It keeps us feeling alive.

Change is in the air in so many ways, and for once, all the change seems to be positive. Now I just need to get back on the balll with my writing and my life will be going as perfectly as it can be now!

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