Sunday, July 17, 2005

In the Cards

Well, this evening I went to a picnic with a few ghost hunters from northeast Ohio. For a small group, we had fun, checking out a few local places in the valley during daylight hours and getting a few digital pictures for my site. All in all, it was a rather pleasant evening.

I came home, called the husband, and watched Dead Zone. My boyfriend was a little busy, getting ready to go out with some friends to the Interbelt Nite Club in Akron. I felt bad, not being able to come along... well, not being invited. Just more insecurities on my part. His friends were bugging him so he had to get off the phone.

I hate people.

Well, tomorrow I'm supposed to call before I come over. I hope he's awake. Who knows when he'll be back. I had another daydream of something happening tonight, so I feel like complete crap. in the daydream, he went home with someone.. drunk as a skunk. I always worry when I have these dreams because twice they were true. Ok, they didn't happen exactly like I dreampt but they were at least similar in subject. All I can say is I hope it's just paranoia and not psychic ability. Some people say they want to know their future or what's happening somewhere else. After the few times I've experienced this, I'd give anything not to have known.

Mental note: invest in Maalox.

I gave myself a mini Tarot reading, like I have in the past to find out what's happening. Not sure I'm happy with the results.

1. The Star: loss, theft, privation, abandonment
2. Queen of Cups Reversed: perverse woman, vice, dishonor, depravity
3. Queen of Pentacles Reversed: evil, suspicion, suspense, fear, mistrust
4. Knight of Pentacles: utility, responsibility, interest
5. 6 of Swords: a journey
6. 7 of Swords Reversed: good advice, counsel
7. 5 of Swords: destruction, dishonor, loss

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