Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today, Canada, Tomorrow the World!!!

Yes, finally, all of Canada made same-sex marriage legal! This follows Spain's decision to legalize marriage earlier this month. Well? What's with the US?? Aren't we supposed to be the progressive ones? Don't tell me we're so archaic that we can't follow suit...

Personally, I plan on getting married some day. Hopefully to my current boyfriend. I know I've probably concentrated too much on our relationship in my last few posts, so I won't go in depth on that today. He's been in pain (he's getting a root canal next week) and the vicodins have been making him groggy, so it was a rather uneventful few days with him. I played nurse most of the time!

In other news... today was my interview with the reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal. All went very well, and next week he's taking photographs for the article out at a few haunted locations. Sounds like it'll be a decent-sized article. Let's hope this one reads well too!! Hopefully it'll convince the park that a ghost tour would generate more tourism. They aren't liking the idea right now, so I could use all the support I can get. Even if I need to create a petition and give them 5000 signatures of people willing to purchase tickets for the tours. Maybe this will generate a little publicity and snap them into action. Give the people what they want!!

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