Friday, April 7, 2006

By "Hook" or By Crook....

Life is a never-ending tumble through the bizarre and unusual. I'm beginning to absorb all of this very slowly. You never quite know what is waiting for you around the next corner.

This has been an eventful week for me. Mostly good, which is a nice change of pace. But we'll start off with the not-so-good bits to get that out of the way. Well, one thing. My once best friend.

I hadn't heard from him in months. Now that he found a man and is happy, everyone else doesn't really matter to him, including me. So he left me a voicemail last night. Our birthdays are a day apart, but he's busy that day working on his boyfriend's new house that they'll be living in. Awe, how sweet. No, there's nothing wrong with him being happy, just the fact that he always "needed me" and wanted me there for moral support when his life was hell.. and when mine was? He just wanted to talk about himself. So now... when I needed him to talk to when my break-up happened... we couldn't talk because he was "upset that I wasn't there for him this winter when he really needed someone." He's "reevaluating" our friendship. I think the term "abuse of power" is more fitting than "friendship."

Ok. Enough of the drama. So what else is new? One week until my birthday... and my Aussie friend and I are still chatting every other day via email. There's a college in AU, ironically the one he attends, that accepts US financial aid. Looks like I could go back to school while being somewhere I like to be! I'm giving serious thought to it all now. It could be the start of a whole new wonderful life for me. Oh, and my Aussie friend and his boyfriend of 2 years are now separated. No, nothing I did. It's just a matter of money. My friend's broke and doesn't want to feel as if he's mooching off his boyfriend, so until he finished his schooling, my friend moved back home. But all is still well other than that.

Another odd thing happened to me this week. I was contacted by another Aussie who thinks I'm a hottie. LOL And he's a pro footballer (that's "soccer" to all you Americans... lol) He's the "hooker" for a team I will not disclose. I'm not sure what position that is, but it sounds a little "red light" to me. LOL Of course, he's married (figures) and quite a handsome guy... and my age (1 1/2 months younger) but it would end up like Tina Turner's song "Confidential" (actually written by the Pet Shop Boys for her... interesting factoid.) So who knows.... "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

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