Friday, April 14, 2006

Patty Cake, Patty Cake......

Well, the cake is frozen still... the plans had to be changed so it wouldn't only serve 6 very petite people. LOL I'm waiting until tonight/tomorrow morning to worry about finishing it, since I have to do the cutting and frosting all at once to prevent crumbling.

I am eagerly awaiting my birthday email from my Aussie friend. I'll be sure and wake up early so I can start my birthday on a very good note! I have some phone calls satill to make today to make sure everyone's coming, but I'll wait until later for that. And I have someone else to invite who never responded to my invite... should be a fun night, even though there are going to be female strippers there late. Might need a back-up plan.... or just avoid Bounce like the plague. LOL I'm sure my straight friend will head over there, if his girlfriend doesn't beat him unconscious!

Tonight should be great.. a movie and dinner with two great friends. Then the cake.. then the party... a great weekend! I just hope all my friends get along... some of them are very interesting characters. LOL But even so, I think this shall go down as my best birthday to so far!

Ugh.. I'm still giddy and I can't stop smiling. LOL I can't imagine what caused that!!! LOL

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