Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Writer Writes... Always

I've started reading another wonderful book today (though I still have 2 unfinished ones... I'm too far behind with everything!) I consider it a mild celebration for an end to my writer's block. The book is "Don't Get Too Comfortable" by David Rakoff. Though it's wonderful and hilarious to read, it depresses me just the same... and not because of the subject matter.

My obsession with the written English language leaves me feeling like a Neanderthal after reading other well-written books. Sure, I've come far from my elementary school years of "she went downstairs and saw a piano and got scared," but in the grand scheme of things, my writing feels just as bland to me. Although reading a thesaurus from front to back might help tremendously, I don't exactly have the patience and mindlessness to perform such a mundane task.

I'm such a peasant!!

But still, I feel quite confident today. I have a storyboard up finally, and that's the final step before writing a rough draft of "7 Valium" (my screenplay.) I see a few missing holes that need filling in before the story can be whole and run in a full circle, but I'm finally so close I can taste it. And yes, that means I'm one step closer to my vacation. Oddly enough, I have to thank my last boyfriend for this monumental achievement. If it hadn't been for my frustration with him and the moments of anxiety he caused lately, I wouldn't have had the dogged determination to write and block everything else out. LOL

I guess good things can come from bad...

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