Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feeling Flushed?

Today marks the 8th observance of World Toilet Day. I shit you not! (I'm sorry... that was too easy.) According to the World Toilet Organization, the idea behind it is simple: 'we deserve better'. This means more respect for sanitation workers, elevation of the "social status" of porcelain bowls, and proper potty facilities for the billions of people around the world without a place to pop a squat.

But bowel movements are big business. Recently at the World Toilet Summit, heath advocates have began rallying for "flushless commodes" to curb wasted water. In Australia, there is even contemplation of a Toilet Tax to cut down on wasted water from flushing.

To mark this day celebrating a device which became a standard fixture of homes thanks to the diligent efforts of Thomas Crapper, I thought it fitting to pay homage to the bathroom ghost. While these videos might be legitimate or fake, they are entertaining nonetheless.

A 'Ghost Boy' in a UK Bathroom

Boy 'Apparition' in Bathroom in Venezuela


Buck said...

That's quite funny. Recently, we had a client who has a potty for his daughter that plays a little tune when used (positive feedback I suppose). Unfortunately, it tends to play the tune even when no batteries are in the thing! Yet another bathroom ghost in honor of World Toilet Day. :)

Psychic said...

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artsyguy said...

Yikes!--potty humor aside--these vids are suitably creepy for any room of the house!