Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The World Is Watching...

...quite literally. It is election day in America and this could very well be the most important election of recent history. Come tomorrow morning, we will either have the first multi-ethnic president this country has ever seen or the oldest in our nation's history.

Many of us will be anxiously awaiting the results (and breathing a sigh of relief that the phone calls and television ads have subsided) as the world turns its eyes to us to see what decision we make.

Though it is election day, I have not voted and will not vote today. Is it because I'm a bitter, jaded curmudgeon who believes the process is futile? Not at all. In reality, I already voted weeks ago via absentee ballot. For me, my part in the process has been over for a while. But for the majority of America, today is a shining moment to make their voices heard.

We often forget that voting is a privilege. In some countries, the government domineers the people and keeps them silent. If we had such a history, perhaps voter turnout would be at a higher level. People become lax, apathetic, and careless. These principles are what foster dictatorial rulers.

No matter what your views, remember the importance of the election process. If you fail to take the time and cast your ballot, you become part of what is wrong with the country. Passiveness becomes a harbinger of oppression. And when politics go awry, you revoke your right to criticize.

If you have voted, congratulate yourself on being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. If you haven't, there's still time to make a difference.

The world is watching. What you decide to do today can effect the course of history.

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wytchecraft said...

This election has been the most televised in Australia and for the first time that I recall is the most talked about here.

To many Australians the importance seems two fold. Firstly the demise of Bush and his policy in Iraq. Secondly the possibility of electing a black president which is considered an opportunity to break down social barriers that unfortunately still exist in our modern society.

It'll be interesting to watch this unfold over the next few days.... or weeks.