Sunday, November 16, 2008

You're as Cold as Ice...

The most tumultuous thing about this weekend, fortunately, was the weather.

Yesterday evening was an interesting dinner in Cleveland with a few friends and the paranormal troop during monsoon-like weather. Rock Bottom Brewery may be an allegedly haunted place, but the only frightening part about visiting the Powerhouse in the Flats is the $6 parking fee for the building. Wind whipped rain off Lake Erie after earlier thunderstorms, adding a bit of mystique to the illuminated building... and puddles to dodge as you run back to the parking lot.

The temperature plummeted by nightfall in anticipation of today's snow. I stayed up a tad bit later than normal to catch some Doctor Who on BBC America. A relaxed morning gave way to wading through junk email and plotting out the coming week. Snow began to coat outdoor surfaces this evening and it isn't expected to let up for the next week. Winter has arrived in northeast Ohio, just in time to curtail outdoor plans and remind me of the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

It might be a good week for a coffee shop meeting with friends after all...

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artsyguy said...

Ah, indeed, the paranormal TROOP rather than group, hmmm? Sounds frighteningly close to storm or paratroopers lol!
And winter has flounced into the Cleveland area--oh, dread, oh, sigh. But, yes, coffee shops grow in warmth & comfort in such weather. Dayton had its share of spitting snow & gusty winds this past weekend--misery for the Prop 8 rally who were intrepid nonetheless. xoxo