Friday, April 18, 2008

Queer Paranormal Road Trip: Mile High Grill & Inn

Is there a cold pussy beside you in bed?

Hopefully, that means you're staying at the Mile High Grill & Inn in Jerome, Arizona. What once was yet another ghost town in the southwest has become a lovely, quaint little town. And what better reason to go than to stay at the lesbian-owned-and-operated (and reportedly haunted) hotel.

Owners Jet and Liz are aware of some strange happenings in their building. Unexplained sounds and misty shapes have been witnessed by visitors. The doors of an armoire in the Lariat and Lace Room have mysteriously fallen off their hinges several times. And then there's the feline spirit which frequently sits on the beds.

At one time, the downstairs restaurant was a hardware store. A man purchased a gun and was stopped by a sheriff as he was leaving. The man opened fire and the sheriff shot him dead on the sidewalk. Some believe his presence can still be felt in the stairwell leading to the upstairs hotel.

So if you find yourself in Arizona, looking for a little encounter with the supernatural, be sure to stop in Jerome for a bite to eat... perhaps even stay the night in one of the guest rooms above the Mile High Grill. Who knows. You just might have your first ghostly encounter...

To read one investigator's story, be sure to check out Buck and Michael's stay at the inn...

Oh... and don't worry, boys, they do have pure Angus beef burgers in the downstairs restaurant.


Liam said...

This one sounds like fun! Hopefully I 'll be a gay B&B owner someday! Hopefully in a haunted house as well.

Chris said...

Great sounding place! there is so many interesting places in this world we have yet to know about or explore! Sounds like a winner here with this place!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great place. Right up my ally, haunted and lesbian owned. Couldn't get any better. Oh and no I don't have a cold pussy beside me, like it to me and warm and wet one. ;-)

Buck said...

What's even better is that in June TAZPS (the Arizona Paranormal Society) will be hosting the "Jerome Ghost Conference" up there. The main stuff will be at the Jerome Grand Hotel up on the hill, but the Mile High would be a nice stay if you can make.

I'd love to go, but SPI has a VERY big investigation that same weekend and it's going to take everyone from both South and Central. Oh well, maybe another time. :)

By the way - the breakfast is beyond wonderful!