Monday, April 7, 2008

Supernatural Spotlight: Karen Laven

Of all places to run across a paranormal author: I first heard about Karen Laven on craigslist.

Everyone who knows me knows how much the paranormal intrigues me. Therefore it was no surprise when a family member sent me information from an ad on craigslist looking for Ohio ghost stories. On a whim, I wrote to the author and introduced myself. I heard back almost instantly.

Though Karen may be a shy, quiet person, she is a very accomplished writer. She began as a journalist and photographer in Buffalo, NY made the leap to books after moving the the northern Kentucky/southern Ohio region several years ago. Her books are diverse in topic, though I find myself very partial to the paranormal ones.

Her first ghost book deals with a fascinating city, Cincinnati. It is quite a fascinating place, both paranormally and historically. Personally, I've always been intrigued by the subway tunnels running underneath the city... for a subway system which was abandoned just as it was being finished...

'Cincinnati Ghosts' is already available at many bookstores. 'Dayton Ghosts' and 'Ohio Ghosts' are still being written and are expected to be released this fall.

And if you happen to be familiar with Ohio and have a personal tale of the paranormal to tell, be sure to check out her site. She is actively seeking new stories. Her deadlines are quickly approaching so be sure to get them submitted very quickly!

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