Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too...

My boyfriend turned 24 saturday. We had a tolerable weekend which would have been better sans the alcohol. We both were a little irritable after a few cocktails, so things didn't go as well as usual, but nothing too serious. I baked him a cake and we ate at almost 1 in the morning, then I was sick the rest of the night. Can't always have perfect days I guess!!

Sunday was better, except for a little attitude on his part and a few beers. He doesn't mix well with alcohol sometimes. Those times are when we seem to butt heads a lot. But still, it's all good. We have good communication and never stay angry more than a few hours, and it's always petty little things. And those are usually brought on my his low confidence and high stress.

In other news, I have a friend who likes me a whole lot. A WHOLE lot. lol He lives in another state, so it's not too bad. I wouldn't dump my boyfriend and run off with someone else like that because I'm no tramp. LOL It's nice for someone to like me, but sometimes he does get a little too strong in his language and it does make me feel a little uncomfortable. I guess since he broke up with his boyfriend this week it's been easier for him to allow himself to start falling for me. Talk about a sticky situation!

Well, people never seem to make sense ever. And the only time guys seem to tell me they like me is when I'm in a relationship. Talk about bad timing!

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