Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nothing But Blue Skies.....

Ok.. well, everything's better since my last post. Yes, I vent a lot on here. But just to clear up a few misconceptions some readers of my blog tend to have:

1. I'm not that bitter. I'm actually extremely optimistic.. so much it scares me sometimes.
2. I don't ever hate anyone completely. That takes far too much energy. But if you cross me, I'll make sure to get you back when you least expect it.
3. I do tend to think too much and ramble on, but only mentally and on paper. Ok, and when I'm drunk too!

My boyfriend and I have been getting along wonderfully since we talked. I have a tendency of having a "you should know what you did wrong" attitude, which isn't helpful. Half an hour of talking cleared the air about everything. Yesterday, we talked for nearly an hour, and I've never heard him happier. I think the key is talking... like I tell everyone else, even him, and sometimes forget to do myself. I'm a little self-destructive like that. And sometimes a little bitchy. I think we all can be.

Well, the Akron Beacon Journal emailed me. They want to do an article on my paranormal research! WOO HOO!! Finally, a positive article from a legitimate paper!! I've been meaning to call them about doing an article, but they beat me to it. Things are finally on a positive upswing, I guess!!!

Well, I'm off to the airport in a few hours to pick up my sister and her husband. Better make sure the house is all in order. Finally, her dog will calm down I hope. He's been a real prick the past two days. Now I know why everyone around here calls him "No-no Bad Dog". He's the Elton John of dogs, throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way NOW. Oy....

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Colleen said...

Wow. Good for you! An article for the Akron Beacon Journal... :)