Friday, June 17, 2005

The Times That Try Men's Souls

Last night, my boyfriend's cat decided to lay in bed while we were having "a moment". Now, I don't know about any of you, but having an animal lay there and watch you is a very odd feeling. He gets lonely I think.. that and he seems to be jealous of me. I'm stepping into his shoes and taking attention away from him. Poor thing. We'll just have to get him a boyfriend too!

Other than that, tonight's been interesting. Another minor tiff online with the future ex-husband, as I've taken to referring to him! I'm sure he wouldn't find the humor in it. lol He was talking to me, and he tells me everything which is good, but some guy was talking to him about going out with us tomorrow. Someone who asked him out repeatedly in the past. And of course, either he didn't see how that would bother me, or he merely chose to try to see if it would get a rise out of me. It did.

Sometimes, men don't think. I trust him and know we love eachother, but there are those moments where I just want to hit his head into a wall and say "what were you thinking??" His sister and I briefly talked too tonight online. She deals with the same sort of jealousy with her boyfriend. This just might be the beginnings of a friendship between us. Misery does love company!

Ok, I'm not miserable. 95% of our time together or talking is wonderful, it's just the 5% when his brain ceases to function that causes unneeded stress and worry on my part. I honestly think he's just testing me when he does it. He tells me I'm too good for him and I deserve so much more and so much better, so maybe he's seeing if I'll tell him where to shove it and say goodbye. We're both inherently bitchy people at times, so we're bound to have the occasional squabble, but we never sleep angry. Tonight, after everything, he just said "I'm going to bed, hun. I'm sorry. I'm just tired." Which, in real translation with him, means "I'm an asshole so I'm shutting up before I piss you off anymore. Please forgive me and I'll let you have some time to cool off." He's learning fast!

Well, tomorrow's dinner with friends. He'll be nervous for sure. And whether he likes it or not, we'll have a talk at some point. I swear, some men just need to be trained!

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