Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Pride and Remembrance

Well, June is finally here! Warm weather, scantily clad men, and outdoor activities. Ok, so sometimes the latter two are one in the same!

I'm making plans to go to Cleveland Pride on June 18th, with boyfriend in tow. I haven't spent enough time in the gay community lately and the straight world is beginningto annoy me. No, I don't have some vendetta against straight people. It's a matter of "comfort zone". Having to tiptoe around things around a bunch of idiotic people or have people clam up when they find out I'm gay is just too crazy for me. I just feel like I can relax better around "my own kind"... even if they can stab you in the back sometimes! LOL But hey, that's all people.

Well, with June back, my mind goes back to a friend of mine I lost 3 years ago to suicide: Chris. I took his death pretty hard, even though we were kind of distant in the year bafore that. Ever since we both left Kent State I would only get to see him once in a great while. He was a wonderful boy. Sweet, funny, smart.. everything most of us look for in a friend as well as a relationship. Yes, even though i generally don't care much for blondes, I would've married that boy if he asked me to.

Next month, I really need to go back to his grave and leave flowers some time. No more shock and disbelief. Time to accept that he's really gone and remember the good times... Victor, Victoria.... vodka and cranberry... wasting time in the LGBU office... watching the hot boys out the second story window...

This summer is going to be good and fun no matter what. Some people remind us how short life really can be. It's time to snap out of it and make life something thrilling.

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