Monday, June 6, 2005

*pant, pant* Water... WATER!!! *pant, pant*

A word of advice: If it's 82 degrees outside, with blistering sun beating down, no shade, and you don't have a water bottle handy... DON'T GO ON A 3 MILE HIKE!!!

I'm still a blond, though. I do stupid things like this.

I should've stopped when I felt chills and stopped sweating, but do I? Nooo. Must get to water! One mile to go! Heat stroke? What's that, some kind of masturbation technique??

Other than that, I'm finally getting on the ball with my website again, resurrecting it from its coma. And I'm redesigning a friend's website too. Nothing like a creative outlet to make you feel a little more alive.

Ok, so I'm just pretending to live. What's it to you??

Time to shower and get down to business...

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