Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Bumpy Night for Spooks...

New Orleans may be relieved that Hurricane Gustav bypassed the city, but not everyone fared so well. Of all the places suffering severe damage from the storm, a famous haunted location was hit hardest.

The beloved Myrtles Plantation was rocked with high wind and pelted by rain during the storm. The list of damages is more extensive than we would have hoped.

Early indications of severe effects of Gustav include leaks in the roof and an unnatural sway to the frame itself. People staying in the home feared that it may actually blow over. Trees and debris are strewn across the property. One tree fell near the restaurant and another nearly missed the Caretaker's Cottage.

The gift shop, housed in the rear of the Bradford House, is gone. This first building built on the property was felled by a tree. A hand-etched stained glass in the front of the house was blown out. It is beyond repair and irreplaceable.

This information was confirmed by an employee and forwarded to me via email.

If you have further information on this, please let me know. As damages are further assessed, I'll update everyone.


Buck said...

That's terrible. It's a beautiful place and full of such history. Of course, the requisite repairs may actually bump up activity for awhile if past experiences are any indicator.

Liam said...

You would think the spirits of the place would have been able to better protect it somehow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree, I think this will actually stir up the ghosts alot. You fix up a place and that stirs up ghosts, this most likely will too.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I love it!!