Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Got a Light?

I wasn't lying about catching up on posts. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had an alternative plan. Sunday evening, the lights flickered off and on several times before going dark at 8:00 PM. It was only at 10 PM tonight (two hours after being reassured, so to speak, by the electric company that power wouldn't be restored until Friday) that my bedroom light astonishingly began to glow once more.

So, the past 48 hours has been spent panicking about coffee, figuring creative means to cook meals, and feeling immense frustration at getting NOTHING done. I managed to write a few paragraphs of work longhand, but all my research was on my laptop (which was nearly dead), so that little deadline of mine? Yeah... it's beyond crunch time now. Three days of lost work at a time when I was eager to tackle things. Yipes.

For having days without power, the "storm" was an exaggeration. Two hours of gusty breezes with winds capping at 65 MPH. After the winds turned to stillness, a trickle of precipitation fell in the dark hour before midnight. I've seen much worse, and for the power to be lost like this boggles my mind.

Nonetheless, it's back to work... and back to blogging tomorrow, followed by a ton of catch-up work.

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Anonymous said...

Considering what the south is going through, i think we are all pretty lucky for just dealing with no power. We were out for only 3 hours so we were much luckier then most in the area. But have to admit, the 3 hours were pretty peaceful.