Thursday, September 4, 2008

Deluged with Ghosts and Technical Glitches...

My postings on here have been quite erratic lately. I do apologize for that. But it's not without reason.

Most of the time I've spent writing lately has been working on research, notes, and chapters for my new pet project. I've spent a lot of time reading various books and writing pages of notes, verifying facts and half-truths to get accurate information about various hauntings. After translating my scribbles (anyone who has seen my handwriting knows it's worse than a doctor's), I've been writing drafts for chapters and revising them after a few days away to clear my mind. My own personal deadlines have kept me quite occupied.

I took a brief break this week to write up a historical sketch as well. I researched a building months ago and packed the notes away, only to be asked about them a few days ago. I pulled out my old information and typed up a detailed background paper for the owner.

My wireless connection seems to be on the fritz as well. Originally, I thought it was a problem with the router, but instead it's in the wireless card. Apparently, jostling around a laptop and bashing the card against objects and my knee doesn't do it too well! lately, whenever I'm in the middle of anything online, it suddenly shuts itself off and I have to jiggle it to get it working again. I'll be remedying that tomorrow, and next week I'll avoid the hassle by trying to directly connect to the DSL (wish me luck on that one).

I still haven't touched the website redesigns. I have the basic pages done, but there is so much more to add and edit. Trying to get everything running properly isn't always easy, but I'm content in its simplicity. It's quick-loading, clean, and writing-intensive. Still, I have finished the basic work on my new Cafepress account for the site. Some graphics will be changed as I have creative bursts and think of better designs, but the basics are up and running. I always welcome feedback and suggestions as well. There are a few designs I have in mind, but haven't found a proper way of translating them to images.

Otherwise, it's back to the grind for me. Back to covering the rest of the Lizzie Borden story often left out in paranormal tales, researching a cross-dressing businessman, and recalling a famous musician who worried that being known to be gay would make that the only thing he was remembered for (which, inadvertently, became true). So much fascinating work and odd histories.

I have to say it: I truly love this project. And I haven't said that about any writing work of mine in almost a decade.


Jeanne said...

Okay, My brain is dead.
Who's the gay singer?

Ken said...

D'oh! My brain is hibernating too. When I said "singer" I meant "pianist".


Jeanne said...

Good old, Liberace!