Friday, September 26, 2008

Of Fates and Fortunes...

Gary and Anne Henry of Coronation, County Durham, were just scraping by financially. They ran a small sandwich shop out of a converted shipping container. It was just another dreadfully rainy day two weeks ago on Tuesday when a ragged woman approached the stand. She was soaked, so Anne offered her a cup of hot tea and an egg sandwich.

The woman went on to tell Mrs. Henry that she was a gypsy, capable of predicting the future. Anne was accustomed to odd people making odd claims, so she politely brushed off the notion.

"You're going to win on the lottery," the old woman said. "I can see a four but I don't know how many zeros." The gypsy went on to mention many factual things about the Henry family before finishing her cup of tea and vanishing into the rainfall. Anne went about her day not giving it much thought.

Until Saturday.

Gary purchased a lottery ticket shortly before the drawing. And it won.

The prize? £4,493,783.

They plan on building their dream home and living off the interest from depositing the money in a bank account (approximately £19,000 per month, after taxes). As for the business, they'll be giving it to their sons to keep in the family.

The couple would very much like to thank the mystery woman, yet she remains unidentified. "We have no idea who she was, though I hope we meet her again," Anne said. "I expect she'll be back at Christmas, with a wheelbarrow."

Oh, ye of little faith...


Zathyn Priest said...

Whoever she was, I wish she'd wander up to me and announce I was about to win the lottery!!

the Albino Bowler said...

Hey. How are ya? I just got back from Down Under and am looking forward to having the time to catch up on your doings. I wanted you to know that you made my list of top blogs, and I added a feed to you at the Rodeo. It shows a thumbnail pic and quick blip from your most recent post so my other readers can check in on you easily. I'll talk to you soon


Cullan Hudson said...

I need to win the lotto :-(