Sunday, September 21, 2008

To Err Is Human...

I was at my computer all day yesterday, yet didn't find time to post anything. Instead, I was working on a few dozen pages for my revamped website. It too a lot longer than expected since I forgot to bookmark several websites to gather information about different places open to the public. I still have to tackle brief histories of each place, but I'll get to that eventually.

Research has showed to a painstaking level for the book. But I'm all about historical accuracy so it'll be worth it. Unfortunately, this means there are numerous errors in my "road trips" that will be corrected as time progresses. I'm attempting to find genealogical information for a few places to verify ghostly legends, but that's not proving to be very easy. I have gathered enough evidence, though, to safely say that an article produced in the LA Times about one specific place contains a few errors... and a book by Troy Taylor about Hollywood haunts is riddled with inaccuracies when it comes to one tale in particular (if a 40th birthday party was held for the son of a prominent citizen on the date mentioned, that would mean his mother would have been 3 years old... I doubt even then they started that young).

Otherwise, I've run across some odd bits for future posts and have a busy evening of ghost hunting in store for me, which I'll touch upon tomorrow. For now, I have a few things to hurry up and complete before I run out of time!


Buck said...

I couldn't help but smile hearing your exploits trying to pin down factual information on hauntings. Want to move to AZ and join SPISearch? That's our life in the SPISearch, the history and research department. :)

Good luck and I can't wait to read your book when you're done!

If you ever need fact checking help for this part of the world, give me a yell and I'll sic me and Sandy on it. :)

Jae said...

Errors in media reports of the paranormal are currently the bane of my life, and it's amazing how some facts are just not even questioned even when they are obviously incorrect!

Good luck sorting all that mess out!

Cullan Hudson said...

Another source for regurgitated misinformation is the Haunted Places Directory. I even sent them corrected information concerning an Oklahoma site and it still gets republished. Not to mention all the wrong information on the Internet. It's enough to wear you down.

BTW, Good luck with the book. After you mentioned books on cafepress, I checked out their POD section. I think I will do this with my own book. Production costs have risen sharply in recent times. This may well be the answer. I don't yet know what the quality is like though. If I like it, I will probably do Strange State as well as a couple of others I'm working on: a short story collection, and a Strange State (of sorts) for Puerto Rico.