Friday, September 19, 2008

Could It Be... Satan??

As if Iran didn't have its share of problems already, the country if facing a greater threat than the Taliban: Satan worshipers.

According to Iranian police, dozens of satanic cults have infiltrated the country and are running amok. Books about satanism are available in the country, and the press claims they are attempting to turn people against Islamic faith.

Here's what AsiaOne News had to say in their report:

Such groups commonly "deviate from conventional religions, make false promises, sexually exploit" and "are tasked with (promoting) Islamophobia," [deputy police chief Hossein] Zolfaghari said.

"Satan-worshippers wear broken-cross and skeleton necklaces and rings, drink alcohol and dance in their ceremonies. They believe they should defy religions, especially Islam, do as they want and drag the world into anarchy."

Zolfaghari said some of these groups sought to "attract young people by playing satanic music during (private) sports activities," had books in English and "gather in parks to talk about events across the country and Satan."

Sounds like the average American teenager to me. And most politicians. Well, perhaps minus the necklaces and music.

230 people were arrested at an underground rock concert near Tehran after being accused of worshiping Satan and wearing clothing "contrary to Islamic law".

All this from the same country that hanged two teenagers for being gay years ago.

Something smells funny here. And it's not goat's blood.

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Cullan Hudson said...

And they said propaganda was dead.