Friday, May 9, 2008

Queer Paranormal Road Trip: Cafe Lafitte in Exile

New Orleans is known to be one of the most interesting, if not most haunted, cities in the United States. And of course, no paranormal travel destination would be complete without a haunted gay bar... complete with gay ghosts!

Billed as "the best gay bar in the French Quarter", Cafe Lafitte in Exile is possibly the oldest gay bar in the country. The two-story establishment is open 24 hours a day and was once the watering hole for a few famous people. In fact, some of them haven't quite left.

Tennessee Williams frequented the bar during his lifetime. He would often be seen sitting at the far end of the bar, quietly nursing a cocktail. Still today, the occasional customer or employee will sometimes catch a glimpse of the writer sitting in his usual place. Another former patron was the late Truman Capote. His ghost is believed to spend time in the stairwell, chatting up anyone who will stop long enough to listen.

Not all the spirits in LaFitte are notable names. A rather frisky spook called "Mister Bubbly" is known to wander the building occasionally pinching customers playfully on the rear. Other figures have been spotted wandering the balcony, sometimes even stopping to wave at a tourist before vanishing into thin air. The downstairs center bar seems to be a popular place for a ghost or two to catch a drink as well.

Suffice to say, Lafitte is a perfect spot for a paranormal investigator or tourist to unwind and get a taste of New Orleans. Undoubtedly, whether you're looking for ghosts or bottled spirits, you're guaranteed to have a good time. Just be sure to bring your camera in case you spot something out of the ordinary... beyond beads and thongs.

You may not be able to snag an autograph, but you just might find yourself face to face with a deceased celebrity...


Buck said...

We stopped there in February on our way through to AZ. Unfortunately, none of the guys showed up for us. :(

However, just a few blocks away Tennessee William's house is for sale. Wonder if he hangs out there as well?

Ken Summers said...

Well, I always say that one visit is never enough... There's always next time!

it wouldn't surprise me if he was there too. I know the whole area is supposedly haunted. The bar and street have been the scene of many other ghosts, including Gov. Huey P. Long and Louis Armstrong.

Chris said...

Wow, never knew about this one very interesting indeed. Great going and very informative.

Buck said...

Yeah N.O. is as haunted as Charleston. :) Guess that's why I love it!

BTW: the older Lafitte's has better hurricanes. :)