Monday, May 12, 2008

Supernatural Spotlight: Chip Coffey

Photo by Bob CervelliIt's hard to throw a stone without hitting a psychic these days (I wouldn't recommend it... some of them might take offense). Though many undergo tough scrutiny, a few names have managed to work their way into the limelight. Since I have mentioned him in passing on several occasions, I felt compelled this week to highlight Chip Coffey.

Coffey is a medium, paranormal investigator, and writer from Elmira, New York whom many of you may be familiar with from his work on Paranormal State on A&E. He is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient (able to see, hear, and feel psychic impressions, respectively).

His abilities seem to run in the family: his great grandmother, Minnie Sue Morrow Foster, was a Native American shaman and medicine woman. Both Coffey's mother and sister were visited by her ghost after her death in 1936.

When he's not trying to help the dead, he does his best to help the living as well. Coffey holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and provides spiritual support through various hospice organizations. InStyle Magazine called him "a cross between John Edward and Dr. Phil".

Aside from his many television and radio appearances, you can find Coffey on or check out his old blog on Blogspot. I personally find him very amusing (in a good way, of course)... and his sense of humor is very refreshing! He also teams up with psychic Patti Starr for Ghost Chasers International. He is currently based in the Atlanta area.

Chip will be appearing this Wednesday morning (May 14th) on Sirius Radio's OutQ in the Morning with Larry Flick at 9:00 AM EST.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I have never heard of him. I just added his blog to my list. He sounds very interesting!!

Buck said...

But if you threw a rock at a psychic shouldn't they sense it coming? :)

BTW: Coffey is going to be in Phoenix at some paranormal thing in October along with his cohorts from Paranormal State. (That being reason enough for me to steer clear of PHX that weekend!) :)

We were invited but declined since we're setting up a live broadcast for October.

Anonymous said...

There's another psychic medium who seems to be genuine and a very caring person. He doesn't have a tv show and doesn't do internet/telephone readings. He has a blog on myspace at and a website

Anonymous said...

sorry, the correct url for the myspace link is if you put in the www it won't come up for some reason. He does have several blog posts and seems very interesting. What amazed me with this guy is that he talks about personal experiences and never tries to advertise his services, in fact, at the bottom of several posts he mentions he doesn't charge and/or offer readings for individuals, that was weird, because most are trying to make a mint off their gifts

Anonymous said...

I like the guy, he seems affable on television. I'm sort of concerned about the psychic kids show, I'm not sure that's in the best taste. What really bothers me though is his reported linage. If his great grandmother is so famed (Minnie Sue Morrow Foster) why exactly does she not appear anywhere on the internet but his website, and the websites of people discussing Mr. Coffey?

Anonymous said...

That has been the "problem" with Mr. Coffey's great-grandmother. He doesn't offer up any verifiable information.
Additionally, he will not, or cannot verifiy where he received his "Masters in Counseling."

Ken Summers said...

As far as lineage goes, the internet might be a great resource for some genealogy yet not everything can be found in seconds via computer. Some people achieve regional or local notoriety and aren't widely known to everyone who is anyone.Just because someone isn't mentioned on a dozen websites doesn't make them any less real or even less known in some circles. If everything were online, I'd be able to track down some people I've known quite easily, and that's simply not the case.

As for the degree, again, I don't know the details of his post-bachelors-degree education. Yet I know even less of anonymous peoples who make remarks. However, critics are a dime a dozen and that work is quite easy. But I won't let that become my degreeless field of study.