Friday, June 6, 2008

Queer Paranormal Road Trip: Banting House Inn

If you're looking to take an extended trip to Toronto for a weekend this summer, one gay-owned bed and breakfast should be on the top of your list. In fact, it has been ranked one of the Top 10 Places to Stay in Toronto.

Believe it or not, Banting House Inn is right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Yet it's immense property and towering trees make you feel as though you're in an oasis within the city. The seven guest rooms each have their uniqueness (such as the Wedgewood Room and the Oscar Wilde Room) and the off-street parking is an added bonus! Of course, there are some possible reasons to visit... of a more supernatural nature.

The brick home was constructed in 1899... and apparently, one of it's first residents never left.

It is possible that the apparition occasionally seen by visitors is none other than Sir Frederick Banting, who once resided at the homestead. Banting was a Nobel Prize winner in 1923, made famous for his work with Dr. Charles Best which lead to the discovery of insulin. (His later home in London, Ontario houses the Canadian Diabetes Association and a museum, not to confuse the two "Banting Houses".)Banting perished in a plane crash in 1941, at the age of 49. It was also used as an animal research facility, and a few guests have reported hearing dogs barking or running up and down the hallways.

But that hasn't deterred anyone...

So if you're looking to visit Toronto and are curious to stay at a haunted inn, Banting House is the perfect spot. Even if you don't have a paranormal experience, it is certainly worth the trip.

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Anonymous said...

See, I would love too and I was planning on going this year, but gas prices are stopping me. DAMN GOVERNMENT!!