Monday, June 2, 2008

Supernatural Spotlight: Daniel Hecht

Every so often, it's nice to escape reality and lose yourself in a good book. And if you're looking for something interesting to read with a paranormal slant, you might want to look for Daniel Hecht in your local bookstore.

It has been several years since I received that unexpected email from the author, notifying me about a new series he was writing. Although he is a fiction writer, he carefully researched paranormal investigation techniques and practices and had assistance from several experts to be as realistic as possible. I was asked for an opinion on his work, and was quite impressed.

Hecht wasn't always a writer. The New York native actually began as a musician. It wasn't until 1988 that the writers bug caught him and changed his paths. Though he now writes full-time, his interests are varied. He is also the executive director of the Vermont Environmental Consortium, working to preserve the natural landscape of the state he currently calls home.

His paranormal book series centers around Cree Black, a female 'ghost hunter', empath, shaman, and healer. She is both ordinary and extraordinary. As she and her associates travel around the country, they find themselves dealing with paranormal events and trying to solve the mysteries surrounding them.

The series will eventually expand to fifty novels, but there are only three published at this point: City of Masks, Land of Echoes, and Bones of the Barbary Coast. From New Orleans to San Francisco, Hecht brings the past to life... and tantalizes us all with the world of the dead.

If you love a good thriller, I highly recommend them all.

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