Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Bunch of Hocus Pocus...

After yet another drunken tirade from the annoying woman downstairs stressing me out to no end, I was tempted to plot something sinister tonight. I know... I'm a terrible person for disliking someone and not finding any admirable qualities. But instead of doing something and tempting the Fates, I decided on reciting a little banishing chant I know from my college years delving into Wicca.

And the entire time, I actually seemed cheerful about the politeness in my voice.

I also did a little digging and found a few little spells (and wow, banishing oil is very easy to make!) which I probably won't even touch. I realized it's simply not worth the energy.

My sidekick friend Evie mentioned weeks ago doing a little prosperity magick to attempt to bring money her way. I've never really been the sort to take classes for things of that nature, so I once again did a little digging.

Lo and behold! I found some very insightful tidbits of information. And once again, I felt even better. The basic principles of bringing wealth and money to yourself spiritually aren't very difficult. They simply require most of us to throw out our notions of money and it's importance.

For one, if you desire money, don't react with disdain for those who have it. Admire them. Admit you wish to be like them. Then, realize that the more you concentrate on the lack of money in your own pocket, the more you push it away. Negativity does not attract! And finally, understand that everything in the world recycles. What you give you will receive... just try to have a little patience with it.

I know. All this mentioning of spells may sound a bit nutty to some of you. If you wish to believe that such notions simply involve the subconscious mind and that we all bring about our own changes without realizing it, do so. Yet I have had a few odd "accidents" involving spells which proved them to possibly work.

Then again, isn't anything that doesn't cause any damage worth a try?


Anonymous said...

Spells are pretty amazing. But with your case you have to remember the Rule of 3. "Bide the Wiccan laws ye must
In perfect love and perfect trust;
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,
An it harm none, do what ye will.
Lest in thy self-defense it be,
Ever mind the rule of three.
Follow this in mind and heart,
And merry meet, and merry part"

Also when doing spells, remember, they won't always come as you expected. For instance, I wanted more money and my house gone, hense that is what I am getting. I am going through a huge process and is hurting other things but I am possibly getting exactly what I asked for. Just be careful what you ask for and make sure you are prepared for the results. good luck with your spells!! I also have spell books you are more then welcome to look at after I move.

Wonder Man said...

I thought about finding a book of spells, but all I find is a bunch of love stuff.

Buck said...

Hey Ken, I could use that banishing spell. Care to share via email?