Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not Exactly an Act of God...

Oldnall Road in the West Midlands has a high frequency of automobile accidents. The most recent involved a motorcycle. If the incidents were reported to insurance companies, they probably didn't mention a commonly reported cause: a ghost.

Late-night travelers have encountered an apparition of a young girl, between three and five years old, dressed in Victorian attire standing in the center of the street. People who encountered the ghost and reported the events weren't involved in traffic accidents, but with the number of serious accidents occurring at the same location, it might be a possible cause.

David Taylor, chairman of Parasearch, believe it could simply be an optical illusion.

“In all honesty we are probably not talking about the ghost (or apparition as we prefer) as a spirit of the dead," he told The Mirror, "but rather as a reaction to a complex series of stimuli that results in the witnesses having different experiences from the same stimuli, what that stimuli is, is the really interesting question!”

Whatever it is, sooner or later someone will figure it out...

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Anonymous said...

The same stimuli? what?! Wow, talk about trying to have someone disprove a ghost theory and not sure how to do so. That would scare the shit out of me, to have a ghost stand out in the middle of the road while I am driving. Scared because I would fear I am hitting a person, not cause it is a ghost. lol