Friday, June 13, 2008

The Great Outdoors and an Aussie Breakfast

As of this afternoon, I will be taking a brief leave of absence for a couple days. I'm heading out with TOP-Org, a paranormal investigation group, to spend the weekend camping at the haunted Beaver Creek State Park near East Liverpool in Columbiana County, Ohio.

The weather is threatening to make it a damp affair, but I'm trying to remain optimistic. I've decided to travel light in lieu of the weather forecast, so I'm leaving most of my equipment behind. it will be more for relaxation... and perhaps an eye-witness encounter, if I'm lucky.

I'll be returning on Sunday and will fill in all the interesting details. But for now, I have to discuss breakfast...

In an astounding seven days, my package from my dear friend Joel in Australia arrived on my doorstep. It was much more than I expected, in a very nice and sweet way: a flash drive, photo card (the most important part!), a beautiful Australian opal watch.

And yes... there was Vegemite inside!

As an unfortunate American, I shall have to put my own perspective on the taste experience which is Vegemite. I'll admit, I was a bit frightened when Joel mentioned something about "suppressing my urge to gag". Nevertheless, I took the French bread I baked yesterday, slathered on a good dose of the brown goo, and crossed my fingers...

I now understand why I was told to use it sparingly.

it is a very unique, salty, almost charred-smoky flavor, with a hint of veggies. Imagine beef bullion, vegetable spread, and a hint of Guinness blended into a paste. I'll admit, I felt as many Aussie children must while tasting it for the first time, hearing their mothers saying, "It's good for you." I managed to eat both slices (without gagging, of course) and will be sure to eat it on a regular basis (they say we have to taste something 15 times to acquire a taste for it, so it may be a few weeks).

Obviously, the typical American would wretch at the first taste, but I'm a trooper.

And with that introduction to fine Aussie cuisine over for the day, I must get back to work. Noon will be here before I know it!


Liam said...

Blech! You can keep it! Just from the sound of it...icky poo!

Anonymous said...

Eeww, that does sound gross. Not interested. I will stick to my V8 and canned vegtables. Have a good time on your camping trip!!

Cullan Hudson said...

EEeewww Vegemite is nasty. It's as salty as play dough and about as appetizing. Aussies eat on hard boiled eggs too. :-P But I've had Aussies tell me they think peanut butter is kinda gross. Whatever. I'll stick with the pbj's, thank you.

Sh@ney said...

LOL! 'It puts a rose on every cheek' *pokes tongue*
Aussies eat Vegemite on a lot more than just bread and eggs. It tastes great on sliced cheese to! And for a hot drink if your feeling a little under the weather!
Glad you tried it buddy, as for those who just turned their nose - Ya bunch of whoosies! LOL

Have a great trip and hope the weather holds out! Don't forget to pack the Vegemite! *winks*