Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Human Nature...

Ann King, staff supervisor of the Denver Parks & Recreation Department, fired three employees and suspended a fourth on what officer Bruce Plotkin called unreasonable grounds. Allegedly, there were "significant errors" in payroll. The workers were ill-trained and overloaded with work.

King, on the other hand, found the time to operate a psychic business on the side. The city authorized King to operate her own small business during her time off of work.

Perhaps she should have offered them a free psychic consultation beforehand... "I see a career change in your immediate future..."

The hearing officer ordered the employees to be given back their jobs. The mystical sideline has been halted voluntarily by King to better concentrate on her duties. The city remains convinced that King was justified in her actions.

And King's hypnosis business still lingers on in Texas. I guess residuals aren't considered a business...

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Buck said...

Gee, she was too busy to train the people so she fired them then got in trouble for not training them because she was too busy being a psychic.

Who didn't see that coming? Oh, yeah, the psychic!