Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Return to Dysfunction Junction...

The camping trip was an interesting experience, to say the least. Rest? Relaxation? Not such a strong possibility. In fact, last night I may have had a total of an hour of sleep. Between a dog and people talking and laughing until dawn, rest wasn't an option.

I felt relieved to take a shower today, took a brief nap, dealt with the insanity called my neighbors (they went so far as to slam their door so hard it shattered the glass), and overall have felt the stress level rise back to overflowing. At times, I wonder if Alice's adventures in Wonderland were more sane than what seems to surround me on a daily basis.

Otherwise, I was too tired to post this weekend's entries, so I'll save them for this coming week. For now, I'm burning some incense to attempt a calmer atmosphere... and looking forward to a nice, long sleep in a bed for the first time all weekend.

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Buck said...

Sounds like a tiring weekend. I'm still trying to recover as well. We were at 3 different sites within the Army Base at Ft. Huachuca this weekend. Wow! But it was fun hunting ghosts in a high security area.