Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blood Stains Not Included...

Perhaps you're not very familiar with the small town of Fall River, Massachusetts. But surely you've heard the tale of Lizzie Borden. And if you're a history buff or fascinated by the grizzly murders which shook the town in 1892, you just might have a shot at owning a piece of history.

Maplecroft, located at 306 French Street, is up for sale. Lizzie Borden lived there after the murders until her death in 1927 at the age of 66. Now, owner Robert Dube has placed the luxurious 14 room home on the market.

Emma and Lizzie purchased the 1889 home for $11,000 back in July of 1893. Emma left in 1905 after a disagreement with her sister. Allegedly, it involved actress Nance McNeil and the nature of her and Lizzie's relationship.

The asking price is currently $680,000. If you're seriously interested, you can contact Mr. Dube at (508) 673-8088.

Check out Shelley Dziedzic's drawings of the floor plan here:

First Floor
Second Floor


Cullan Hudson said...

How great! I love big old houses like that with lots hidden spaces to discover. They always built them with a surprise or two. I remember when I was a freshman in HS and my parents were looking at this one house to live in. I loved it because my room would have had a bay window with a window seat but more importantly it had a "secret" passage to the attic. The entrance was built seamlessly into the wall. So cool.

Liam said...

Uh oh! You know who will be nuts about that idea!

Jeanne said...

So Lizzie might have been a lesbian? I didn't know that.
Of course I adore the house.
Oh, meant to ask, any devotees of "If These Walls Could Talk"?
Love the show and this house surely should be on it!

Liam said...

Walls is a GREAT SHOW! I watch it when I can, except for the episodes with Grant Goodeve, never really liked him.

Anonymous said...

That would be a cool house to be in!! Would love to check it out!!

patty said...

I would love a big house like that, but I am not sure if I would want one that Lizzie Bordon lived in.