Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time Is Relative Indeed...

This week has been a bit nostalgic for me, and I've learned an interesting lesson.

Often, time doesn't quite pass as quickly as we believe it does.

I stumbled across my first local news interview from my days in a now defunct paranormal group. While the video is long gone, the text story is still online. It seemed so long ago, yet it was from February of 2003.

I also wrote an article for Ghost! Magazine back in 2004. At that time, it was an online magazine, but it has now undergone several changes. Unfortunately, along with those changes, my article was taken down and lost in the shuffle. Luckily, someone wrote about it in their blog so it's still floating around in cyberspace. While the topic, orbs, has been heavily scrutinized in the past few years, it was a poignant discussion in its day.

It's hard to believe that so much has happened in my life in the mere 4 or 5 years since these events. While time often feels as though it is speeding up, perhaps it isn't. Either that or my life is more busily chaotic than I had previously thought.

Looking back, the last decade has been filled with activity. Though the last four years may seem dull in comparison, I truly have lead an adventuresome life.

Perspective is a wonderful thing.

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Anonymous said...

That would be cool to get our group interviewed by TV. Must have been good publicity