Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble...

On July 11th, police encountered a female driver swerving on the streets of Eagle, Colorado. She was pulled over and showed obvious signs of intoxication.

Upon being arrested, the 56-year-old suspect flew into a rage. She announced to the officers that she was a "black witch" and vowed to hex the two cops. In the back seat of the cruiser, she kicked, screamed, and smacked her head on the inside of the vehicle.

That's what happens when you mix tequila and methadone.

The woman now faces charges of careless driving, disorderly conduct, failure to display a drivers license, driving under suspension, and resisting arrest.

If she had been sober enough to place a curse, apparently it hasn't worked yet.

Flying would've been a far safer option.


Chris said...

As the song goes, "That old Black Magic has got you in its spell" lol Who does she use for a Attorney, someone from the "Witches Council" lol hahaha! Great story blog Kenny! Huggs!

Paula said...

I love your blog. So interesting! Drugs & booze sure put a different spin on reality. I am fascinated by anything paranormal, I know there is more out there than what we can see. I will visit you site again. Keep posting!

Wonder Man said...

She must have forgot she's a witch