Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let Freedom Ring...

Another interesting week is drawing to a quick close here. And of course, I missed out on some of the best excitement.

In an interesting twist of events, the rotten downstairs neighbors are officially moved out as of tomorrow. I like to believe that perhaps a little magick helped, but they ultimately brought about their own demise.

According to the landlord, while I was away this weekend there was an incident involving another neighbor in the small complex I live in. Our friendly, pothead, drunken hillbilly below had a few too many beers. While under the influence in the afternoon, he staggered out into the yard... wearing nothing but his birthday suit.

Unfortunately, the other neighbor downstairs had his young daughter visiting him. She was mortified (as anyone would be who has been scarred with the vision of scrawny, naked, white trash) and told her father. While he is normally a very quiet, calm individual, he went berserk. The police were called. The landlord found 27 filed complaints against the yahoos downstairs. The uneducated streaker was immediately banned from the residence. His faithful, alcoholic, hilljack female companion couldn't bare to be without him. So, they decided that in light of the circumstances (and their inability to pay this month's rent), they would pack up and leave.

Tomorrow, they remove the last of their belongings, haggle again about getting back their deposit, and disappear into the great Northfield abyss. A peaceful serenity will once more return to Sagamore Hills. Birds will sing. Children will roam free. Liberation will be a cause for celebration on Independence Day.

Hopefully, their replacements will be more tolerable...

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Anonymous said...

wow, yeah I would be really pissed if that happened and my son was out. definatly someone I would want to get out of there.