Thursday, July 10, 2008

But She's My Spawn Too!

Lawyers aren't always the evil ones in court...

The courts in Rochester, Indiana are dealing with yet another divorce custody dispute. Both of Jamie Meyer's ex-wives are trying to take away custody of their children. Kristie, his most recent ex, is sighting their difference in religion: she is Christian and Meyers is a Satanist. Oh yeah, and he owes back child support too...

Both former wives complain that his religious beliefs interfere with their childrearing. He doesn't allow his daughters to have time to attend Christian church and, according to the mothers, his beliefs are an "embarrassment" to them all. Misty Hoff, Meyer's first ex-wife, claims he has alienated his eldest daughter by dubbing her Christian beliefs 'hypocritical'.

Indiana court experts say the burden lies on the wives to show that the religion is somehow harmful to the children. Yet Meyers needs to prove that Satanism is an authentic religion.

Many people have a jaded perception of Satanists. It is not about animal sacrifice or deity worship. In fact, Satanism is about worshiping the self and is quite atheistic.

In all fairness, the best solution would be to allow the children time to attend traditional church as well as the Church of Satan, giving them equal opportunity to form their own religious views. With the negative stereotypes of non-Christian beliefs in America, this may not be possible.

Tell the truth... and shame the Devil.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry would fight against him too. Even if it is just a religion of worshiping the self, can be extremely dangerous as they usually go after power and more the negative kind.

Chris said...

Could it be hmmmmm........SATAN! lol hahaha!

Sh@ney said...

Can children grow to make the right decision based on younger learning - I mean in this instance.

Many are brainwashed into belief!
A young mind does not know to be skeptical and open minded all of the time.

Just a thought?