Friday, July 4, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure...

First, the bad news: I will not be posting a "Queer Paranormal Road Trip" this week.

No, I have not run out of places (quite the contrary). Instead, I'm taking the time to ask for a little assistance from around the world. An open call for help from my dear readers.

You might think I'd be content with having the dozens of tales I possess at the moment, but no. I know there are more gay/lesbian ghosts and gay/lesbian-owned haunted places! Some might possibly be in your own town... or personal experiences you have had over the years.

So, do you have a story? Do you know of a haunted place with a queer spook? Have you stayed at a gay-owned bed & breakfast and had an unusual experience? Noticed any rainbow flags flying at places on ghost tours?

I want to know.

It doesn't matter where in the world the place is, I'm looking for something anywhere I can find it. Australia would be nice... Spain, Canada, Portugal, France, Brazil, Germany, China... anywhere at all. The United States as well. Anonymity is not a problem. And keep in mind I'm looking for places open to the public. Private residences aren't preferred, but they will do in a pinch.

Just drop me an email and tip me off. No harm, no foul.

In the mean time, happy hauntings...


Zathyn Priest said...

I'm Australian and I wish I could let you in on some specifically gay hauntings. In fact, if I did know of a gay B&B I'd book myself in for a weekend and hope I get lucky!!

I do know of a couple of very actively haunted places in South Australia, one of them being the Old Adelaide Gaol (Jail) and the other being Carclew House in North Adelaide. I've been to the Adelaide gaol and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

Love the Blog you have here, I can't get enough of the paranormal!

Best Wishes,

kevin said...

Hi Ken
Thanks for visiting my blog, i hope you pop by again.

I cant say i know of any haunted places in NZ. So im probably not going to be able to help you with this post but i'll ask around.

Have a great day,
Kev in NZ