Thursday, August 28, 2008

Abundant Mystery and Intrigue...

Another week is flying by at the speed of sound. Indeed, this month is ending rapidly. It won't be long before the leaves fade into their vibrant skeletal hues. As autumn begins its final approach, thoughts drift more toward the supernatural. Death and decay.

I have spent these past weeks wrapped up in writing, crafting and revising chapters for a new book. At times, the research has been tedious and frustrating. My approach to my work has changed course more than once. Yet I break up the monotony with design work for the new website. I haven't touched any pages in quite some time, but I did create some logos and images which have pleased me. All I have left is the incredible amount of text to fill in the pages.

More stories have slowly come to the surface, but one from Ireland has proved itself a most challenging task. I rediscovered a ghost forgotten for 300 years. The problem is I don't have a clue where he is.

You might think it strange to find a ghost without being able to locate it, but it can happen. The key is finding which house he haunts. When you delve into the distant past, it isn't always easy tracing former owners from across the Atlantic. History is often a forgotten part of the past. Many home owners have no idea who lived in their house before them. And when you're dealing with a family which spanned a dozen generations and owned an elaborate expanse of lands and properties, finding one house owned by one member becomes a daunting task.

Otherwise, life has been pleasantly quiet. Aside from the occasional thundering bass from the replacement hicks in the downstairs apartment, I can't complain much. But there is a lot of work ahead and with a completion goal of New Years, I still have a lot of writing ahead. Provided I finish the next chapter by tomorrow evening, I will be one-sixth of the way through the first allotment of tales. The second grouping might be tackled in a different manner, so I'm leaving them for last. luckily, those chapters are proving most difficult with research, so if they aren't covered in the same detail, it may not be a problem.

And luckily, with my new approach to the work, I'll be returning to my weekly road trips. Since some of the places may or may not make the cut, I'll be writing about those places occasionally.

The end is in sight, but it's a long road ahead...

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Jeanne said...

Hi Ken
I mught be able to help you with the Irish haunt. In any case, good to hear things are proceeding better with the book.
I love all the pix you insert in your postings.
Spooked! Is one of the few black background blogs I can read easily d/t your design!