Monday, August 25, 2008

A Knight's Ethereal Tale...

During an average consultation in Dearborn, Michigan, psychic Lori Miller had an unexpected guest: Heath Ledger.

It happened last week during a session consulting a deceased relative of no relation to the actor. Ledger appeared very youthful and dressed in casual attire. He was adamant that a few messages get through.

According to 27-year-old Miller, he looked her right in the eyes and said, "Life's too fucking short. you got to enjoy your life."

Ledger's spirit went on to lament on not having the chance to spend time with his daughter, Matilda, and praise the success of The Dark Night. He was pleased that his co-workers were receiving acclaim and was aware of the recent unfortunate events of fellow cast members. He also stated that he was acting as a "guardian angel" for them and doing what he could to see them through the difficult times.

"Sometimes when I'm having a session and engaged with an entity, another one will appear for no reason," she said. "That's what happened this time."


Buck said...

Uh, sure. I suppose E! will be employing psychics soon for those other in depth interviews of how cool some dearly departed's newest movie is.

Sorry... that's the kind of stuff that just makes my eyes roll. I could have come up with those great insights from Heath too.

Jeanne said...

Must admit I'm fairly skeptical about this one.

Cullan Hudson said...

Me too. I mean, if I'm dead, I really don't want to speak to a psychic in Dearborn, MI - not to disparage the psychics of Dearborn - but I would like to hope I had more on my agenda that to wax profoundly about the success of my last film. "So, Heath, who are you wearing?"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just another crazy wanting some attention. I am sure out of all the people in the US, Heath would pick this person. At least make it sound more realistic, doesn't everyone say the same thing when talking about dead people talking to them.