Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Confused Confucian...

When you believe yourself to be possessed by a demon, the only viable option apparently is to commit murder.

Kane Morgan, 18, literally stabbed his father in the back with a samurai sword in Wales. The sword went straight through 42-year-old Michael, who passed away only an hour after the incident. His son pled guilty to manslaughter last week in Cardiff.

Kane apparently spent a lot of time on the internet researching demonology. His room also was elaborately decorated with sinister "Oriental themes". Japanese culture is known to be heavily influenced by spirits, ghosts, and even demons.

What, too old for Pokémon?

The prosecutor stated that Kane was suffering from "deep delusional views" and the paranoid schizophrenia made it seem that the young boy was "under the thrall of a shade or demon who would tell him what to do".

The judge ordered that he be detained at Caswell Clinic in Bridgend, South Wales.

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