Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Plasma from Heaven...

Some perplexing news comes from the country of Colombia last week. For a period of about 30 minutes, a 100-meter area of the village of Bagadó was deluged with red rain.

A sample of the rain was sent to a bacteriologist and he concluded that, in fact, it was blood.

Father Jhony Milton Cordova, a local priest, said it may be "a sign from God" telling humanity to "change their modus operandi, because mankind wants to change the course of history and be god himself."

Others disagree. There has been speculation about red rain for quite some time. The most likely scenario is algae. Porphyridium cruentum, a variety of red algae, actually can resemble red blood cells under a microscope, especially in large clusters. During blooms when the algae reproduction explodes, the clusters could become so large they could resemble globs of coagulated blood.

How they would get into the atmosphere is another story altogether, though.

On an interesting note, the hamlet was relocated to its current location back in 1994, following an avalanche. The hilltop where many of the houses now stand was also the site of the cemetery.


Drew said...

Raining blood? What the F is Slayer doing in Colombia? Are Megadeth, Anthrax and Metallica gonna come out to play as well?

This reminds me of a bad metal show (read: metal show) I was dragged to in 1989 'ceptin' that show ended in wet boobies and PCP instead of vague disjointed apocalyptic signs of wonder (See also Van Halen reunion tour, 9/27/07, Charlotte, NC.)

Cullan Hudson said...

80's metal reference. LOL! ;-D Love it. The algae could have evaporated along with the water vapor, or have been picked up in a storm - especially if a season bloom had corresponded with a stormy season. Or sometimes seasonal changes can bring to the top, algae that usually grows on the bottom of ponds and lakes.

Either way, great post!

Anonymous said...

wow, how strange. Never heard of such a thing. Can't imagine standing out in the rain and being rained on with red blood looking fluid.

Chris said...

Very Creepy indeed!