Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mind Games Down Under...

One of Australia's most interesting reality shows ended this week. The Channel 7 TV program, The One, pitted seven psychics together to find the best of the best.

Participants were given a variety of tasks to perform, including finding a "lost" boy in the Outback, detecting a piece of contraband in 70 shipping containers, and uncovering the bones of famed bushranger Ned Kelly in the notorious Old Melbourne Gaol.

Finally, a winner has emerged. Last night, Charmaine Wilson won the audience's vote.

Her autobiography, Spirit Whispers, is available in limited release by calling the number listed on her website.

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the Albino Bowler said...

Hmmmmm. Did you watch the magic show that Criss Angell helped judge last season on network TV? There was an interesting episode where he got into a huge argument with an alleged psychic. Anyway, you know I am interested in all things Australian. I see that you have found the kangaroo rodeo and I'm pleased that you've been chiming in. For this experiment, feedback and interaction with curious and insightful writers is crucial. I'm creating a traveler's tale in a virtual environment about subject matter that is completely new for me. I just posted some incredible live footage and I'm about to pick up where I left off with Chef Scary. I hope and expect to hear from you again very soon...