Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coming Out of the Dark...

It's officially National Coming Out Day today across the globe. Today marks the 20th celebration of a day for GLBT peoples everywhere to make their voices heard. It originated as an anniversary celebration of a march on Washington, D.C., in 1987 to raise awareness for gay and lesbian equality in which half a million people participated.

There remains some debate as to whether being out is important or even mandatory, as some more militant people suggest. Personally, I leave it up to the individual as a personal decision. Yet I do believe that visibility is extremely important in this age. Though it may be yet another label to brand on our foreheads, silence does make us seem like more of a minority than we truly are.

So polish up that old pride necklace you have buried in your dresser drawer. Clip a red ribbon on your shirt. Wear a pink or black triangle on your tie. Let yourself be noticed.


Jae said...

Happy Coming Out Day! I shall unfurl my pink Union Jack and wave it proudly.. in my living room. It's a big too big to take outside...

Jeanne said...

Hi Ken!
I guess you were so excited you had one Fruedian typo :~D
"Today marks the 20th celebration of a *gay* for GLBT peoples everywhere to make their voices heard."
Bears repeating, though!

Happy Day!