Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creepy Kids in the Hollow...

Most people in northeast Ohio have heard the incredible legends surrounding Gore Orphanage Road. Though the true stories have been twisted over the years, two tales have meshed into one. Though the rumors of Old Man Gore killing kids are unfounded and untrue ("Mr. Gore" didn't even exist), there are some spooky happenings at the old Swift Mansion ruins that I can personally testify to.

I have investigated the spot several times over the years. I have witnessed hand prints of children on parked cars and glowing green mists in the woods. The ghosts of children who died of disease here are real. And recently, FearNet took a trip down the old road to explore the hauntings. Several notable names were interviewed, including author Charles Cassady, tour operator Psychic Sonya, and my dear, sweet, hilarious lawyer pal and webmistress to Dead Ohio: Stephanie Lane.

And here you thought all lawyers were curmudgeons hellbent on making people miserable and lacking any sense of humor.

I could talk about the legends, but FearNet did a great job summarizing things and adding that creepy Oompa-Loompa vibe which we've a come to love this time of year. Watch the video here:

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