Friday, October 31, 2008

Creepy Tales on the Tube...

Halloween has finally arrived, and with it an endless supply of haunted television programming.

Today, That's Life with Robin Swoboda took a look at northeast Ohio hauntings. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the producer who wished to interview me on camera about a local haunt: "Hell Town", better known as the village of Boston in the Cuyahoga Valley. In two separate segments, I talked a little about the history of the area and its rumors and ghosts.

The program was filmed live at Squire's Castle. Tales of Gore Orphanage and the Melonheads were relayed by the denizen of the departed, Stephanie Lane of Dead Ohio, and the crypt kicker himself, Chuck Hawley of Creepy Cleveland, respectively. Also featured on the show were Robyn Morris, innkeeper of Goodwin House Bed & Breakfast in Burton, as well as people from Painesvile's Rider's Inn and Perkins Mansion in Akron among others.

To view clips of the show, visit Fox 8 Cleveland's 'That's Life' page. Video clips will be viewable for the next seven days.

Have a safe and fun Halloween, everyone!


Unknown said...

GREAT interview! Nicely balanced as always in your presentation!

Jeanne said...

You were great, Ken. Looked good and sounded good!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see you on TV, but I heard WRP on the radio the other morning. They did terrific! You must be so proud to be a member of such a great group!