Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hold the Cadavers, Please...

Pappu Sweet Center and Catering in Wolverhampton, UK, was shut down and fined this week. Police were called back in August to a report of a sudden death and couldn't believe their eyes. Not only were the conditions in the kitchen unfit for food preparation, but the body of a dead man was reclining nearby on a sofa.

One cook was chain smoking and spitting on the floor repeatedly. Fly-laden chicken was defrosting in an adjoining room, oozing blood and fluids onto the floor. A dead rat was found beneath a pot and rodent droppings were discovered in many areas.

Sounds appetizing, right?

After conducting a post mortem, the dead man was found to have died of natural causes, but environmental health officers closed down the business, owned by Jaswinder Singh.

City council officer Nick Edwards is grateful and hopes to send a message to anyone preparing food in unsanitary conditions.

"We are pleased that the council's actions," he said, "have resulted in the courts banning this individual from ever running a food business again."

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