Friday, October 24, 2008

Five Questions for Blog Readers...

Perhaps I'm not the trendiest person who ever walked the earth. But occasionally, I'll play tag with other bloggers in cyberspace and post little things. Recently, Life of Justin posed some questions for his readers (discovered thanks to Travel Girl). I thought I may as well transfer them to here to share with the rest of you who may or may not know me.

1. What Is Your Name and Age? My name is Ken and I'm an alcoholic.... no, wait. That was just begging to be said. Really, I'm not. REALLY! I'm 29 years old.

2. Where Do You Live? I live in the armpit of America, better known as northeast Ohio, just south of Cleveland.

3. What Is Your Blog About? My blog is an eclectic mix of humorous paranormal news stories, ghostly tales, personal reflections on life and people, and whatever else suits my fancy. I try to keep it upbeat and humorous even when it can be a real struggle.

4. Why Did You Start Blogging? It started back in college as a personal release of tension. I love to write and it has helped tremendously with keeping my skills sharpened (though that's debatable according to some) and maintaining mental stability ("let it out and let it go"). It was my one way to vent without getting flack.

5. What’s Your Goal In Life? My main drive is to live comfortably doing the one thing I enjoy" writing. I don't expect to become the next Stephen King, but just keeping he electric from being turned off would be a start! Aside from that, I want to travel widely (and live in either Australia or England), visit new places and peoples, help preserve historic homes, inspire and effect people, and promote world peace. No wait. Scratch that last one. It only applies to Miss America contestants.


Travelingdes said...

Ken, I think you and I should be best friends! :)LOL! I too thought I was an alcoholic, or rather SHOULD BE, but then realized I never had a drink in my life. Damn. If you are ever in need of a travel buddy, I am your, a' hem, travel girl! ;) Ooooooh yeah, corniness at its best. I am into paranormal (my bookshelf and DVR are proof of that), I want to visit new places and people, inspire and effect people, and what the heck - preserving historic homes sounds fun too, but screw world peace! We are a match made in heaven. We should get married. Oh wait, I guess that wouldn't work! :) Thanks for a great blog and accepting all these explanation points! I have a condition.


Jeanne said...

Oy, Ken, now i feel like a dirty old lady! Or maybe a cougar LOL
But that won't work either. Maybe more like a matchmaker. I keep trying to fix you up with some of the guys I know. :~D
I'd love to visit one day with my hubby. He'd talk your ear off about trains...maybe ghost trains!