Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Twist My Arm...

Of all ironies, no one said two words about my website, Haunted Cuyahoga, until after I removed it from cyberspace. Emails and casual questions popped up in the following weeks, even a few people voicing disappointment in its disappearance. I hadn't bothered updating it in months and with the new shift in focus with my efforts, I had decided that operating two separate websites was too time consuming and tedious. I laid to rest that decade of my life.

Well, seeing as this is the perfect time for the dead to come back to life, I've given in to public pressure. The old website is back, though not at a different address. I have split down the middle and now, visitors who arrive at the main page have a choice: Haunted Cuyahoga or Queer Paranormal?

So, the references of hauntings in the valley are still available online, but at their original address. It shouldn't take long for it to begin appearing in search engines again so I won't turn my back on the local tales. I wouldn't count on any major updates to either site though, since I'm busily working on several other things. Even though Queer Paranormal is nowhere near completed, it will take some time before I finish all the pages and images to go along with it.

Consider it my little Halloween present to Ohio.

Happy now?


Jeanne said...

You're all over the place! :~D

Cullan Hudson said...

That's classic! I had a personal blog once for my friends and family only. No one ever paid attention (as far as I could tell) and so I just deleted it. Wouldn't you know, as soon as I did so, I received several e-mails asking me why. Here's my advice to all: if you like what you're reading, give feedback. Let the person going to all that trouble know you enjoy visiting the site. You don't have to comment all the time, but it sure helps to know you're not talking to yourself. :-D