Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ghosts for Dummies...

People in Taipei, Taiwan, believe they might have seen a ghost. A two-story corrugated house built for road workers along a Tungshih-Fengyuan highway seemed to be inhabited by shadowy figures. One passing commuter thought it looked like a hanged man in a window.

It wasn't ghosts. It was only dummies.

After a string of break-ins in the temporary dorm, the foreman decided to do something about it. He borrowed three life-sized dummies from a nearby banana farmer and placed them inside to make the building look occupied.

Scarecrows seemed a perfect choice. “The dummies were very effective in scaring away wild monkeys,” the foreman stated.

One is dressed like an imperial government official. The other looks like it could be his wife. A third mannequin remains dressed as a farmer.

The eerie sight seems to have worked better than expected. And with all this attention, any sane burglar wouldn't go near such a closely-watched area.

If he has a brain, of course.

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